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Frequently asked questions

Q: What do I wear for my massage?

A: Anything you want! We advice our clients to dress comfortably and to wear underwear if they would like to have their massage in their underwear (though it's not required)

Q: Do I have to be naked for my massage?

A: No, but you can be if you want to. Your therapist will always make sure your privates are covered with sheets during the massage.

Q: Why do I have to put a down payment for my appointment?

A: We require deposits for appointments in case of no shows. No shows are a bummer because we could have filled that spot with someone else.

Q: Do you have showers?

A: Yes, but please ask before using our shower!

Q: Do I have to come in early?

A: Yes, please come in 10 minutes before your appointment if it is your first time, to fill in some paperwork.

Q: Is there a membership program?

A: No because our prices are so affordable that you don't need one! We will be having a rewards/ points program coming soon!

Q: Do you give discounts for veterans or students?

A: Absolutely. There is a 10% discount for veterans, students and senior citizens over the age of 60. ID required along with mention of this FAQ!



  • We require a $50 deposit to make appointments. This retainer will go towards the total price of the service. 

  • We require 24 hour notice to reschedule an appointment and 48 hour notice to cancel an appointment. After which you forfeit your deposit.

  • If it is your first time visiting us, please come in 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment to fill in paperwork.

  • If you are more than 10 minutes late we reserve the right to cancel or reschedule your appointment. If there are no appointments directly after yours we may wait but this isn't a guarantee.

  • Gift Certificates expire 6 months after purchase. This gives you an incentive to use them as soon as possible!


  • Availability: In order to accommodate all of our clients, we do limit the number of Groupon coupons we accept per day. If you are celebrating a special day, we advise you to buy our services directly because there is more availability that way. Throughout this website you can see that our regular prices are comparable to our Groupon prices and you can check out our Facebook page for weekly discounts that we give out. Same advice goes for weekends, Groupon patrons end up waiting months in advance for weekend appointments because they are the highest in demand. We will always try to match the Groupon price for appointments made directly. At this time, we are not taking Groupon appointments on Sundays.

  • Service Fee: Please be advised that we do charge a service fee at the time of making your appointment. This fee is charged for using the online service Groupon. The fee is $20 per single massage so if you are thinking of gifting please call us to cancel this fee for you. Couples Massage is $25 per person for a couples massage. We do not charge a service fee if you buy our services directly .

  • Coupon Expiration: You can make your appointment at any time before your Groupon expires even if the intended appointment date is after the date of expiration. You cannot, however, reschedule after your Groupon expires. There is an expiration fee of $80 in that case or if you initially make your appointment after it expires.

  • Reschedule & No Shows: You are able to reschedule up to 24 hours before your appointment. After 24 hours there is a $35 fee to reschedule. If you fail to show up to your scheduled appointment, your Groupon will be redeemed.

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