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Body Treatments

Swedish Massage
This massage technique promotes circulation in the blood and lymph system to relax and destress you. Enhance your massage by letting us know which areas you have tension in. Choose between light and firm pressure.
Deep Tissue Massage
This massage therapy technique concentrates on the deep layers of muscle by using deep finger pressure and slow firm strokes. It can be used to treat chronic aches and pains in areas such as neck, upper back, low back and leg muscle tightness
Pain Relief Session
This type of session is ideal for athletes or anyone with tight muscles. It includes a deep tissue massage, cupping therapy and theragun therapy for 80 Minutes.
Pre- Natal Massage
Stress relief through massage is especially important for mommies- to be! We ensure your utmost comfort during the massage by providing either a sideline position massage using support pillows or a face down speacialty prop massage table add-on. Benefits of this massage include headache relief, muscle tension relief
Lymphatic Drainage Massage
This massage technique focuses on using the body's natural lymphatic system to purify the body of unwanted bacteria, residues and toxins. This massage is optimal for anyone experiencing swelling (edema) throughout the body.
Pre/ Post Op Massage
A Pre- Operative massage will prep the body to undergo an invasive surgical treatment by helping the body to flush any retained fluids in the lymphatic system. It is especially important to return for a Post Operative massage to treat any symtopoms of edema (swelling) and to help the body heal and regenerate.
Reflexology focuses on relieving the lower legs and feet from pain induced by work, sports, minor injuries etc. Your specialists will customize this session according to the spots where you ache the most in order to help you get back on your feet, feeling better than before.
Full Body Scrub
This invigorating full body scrub will leave your skin soft and renewed by using a natural sea salt scrub. A body lotion is also applied which will leave your skin softer than ever!
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